Extruwood, a division of South Africa’s leading PET recyclers, Extrupet, is a company dedicated to creating high quality wood alternatives, made from 100% recycled plastic. Established in 2013, the company is forging ahead with its goal to provide durable and environmentally friendly products across various industries, but with a focus on pallets.


With dwindling wood reserves and the high costs of wood importation, South Africa needs an alternative to natural wood for the manufacture of pallets. Using recycled plastic not only creates a superior product; it allows for a big reduction of carbon emissions and supports recycling.

Although more expensive to produce than wood, the longevity of the plastic product counters the initial capital outlay, with considerable savings over time – a real value for money product!


  • Longer life span – in some instances, 20 times longer than wood
  • More durable – it doesn’t splinter, warp or damage easily
  • Maintenance free – reduces labour costs
  • Impervious to bacterial, fungal, chemical and insect contamination
  • Waterproof and resistant to any sort of weather
  • Easily sanitised and odour resistant – perfect for food industry and cold storage
  • Customisable sizes to suit specific spaces
  • Drastically reduces the size of a company’s pallet pool
  • Pallet and its components are fully recyclable back into new pallets


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